Yard Timming & Debris Collection Schedule


yard debris

The City of Barnesville offers weekly curbisde pick up of yard trimming and debris.

             Collection is limited to 3 cubic yards per week.

             Household garbage and construction debris cannot be
             mixed with yard debris.

Please see schedule below for pick up days.

 Yard Debris Collection Schedule
Monday Tuesday Wednesday
Adams Street Adams Court Academy Drive
Akins Street Bush Street Armstead Circle
Apache Court Calvin Bruce Lane Big Oak Drive
Arnold Street Carleeta Street Bradley Circle
Ashley Court College Drive North Broyles Avenue
Atlanta Street Crawford Road Burnette Road
B Street Elevnth (11th) Street Byrd Street
Brown Street Fifteenth (15th) Street Carriage Terrace
Cherry Street First (1st) Street Carriage Trace
Church Street Forsyth Street Carriage Way
Crowder Street Fourteenth (14th) Street Chaffin Street
Elm Street Hannah Court Cherokee Drive
Grove Street Hannah Street College Drive South
Guy Lane Hickory Street College Street
Hill Street Holmes Street Collier Alley
Indian Trail Honeysuckle Lane Collier Road
Johnson Street Ice Street Cypress Drive
Kate Court Jackson Street Edgewood Circle
Kings Drive Jenkins Street Florida Ave
Lyons Street Lafayette Street Founders Drive
Navajo Court Lee Street Georgia Avenue
North Street Matthews Street Gordon Road
Northwood Drive Maynard Street Greenwood Street
Penn Street McKoy Lane Harrell Circle
Pritchett Circle Miami Street Harris Drive
Rose Avenue Mill Street Houston Street
Sardis Street Moye Street Jensen Street
Shannon Lane Nineth (9th) Street Lamar Street
Sullivan Street Ownes Lane Lambdin Circle
Ware Street Park Place Laurel Drive
Warsaw Street Parkview Drive Library Street
Westchester Drive Railroad Street Main Street
Woodland Drive Railroad Street (North) Maple Drive
Woodruff Street Roberts Road Market Street
Zebulon Street Rogers Street Memorial Drive
  Sanders Court Merchants Ways
  Second (2nd) Street Mitchell Drive
  Sims Street Murphy Avenue
  Taylor Street Piedmont Woods Circle
  Tenth (10th) Street Pine Street
  Third (3rd) Street Plaza Way
  Thirteenth (13th) Street Poplar Street
  Twelveth (12th) Street Redbud Drive
  Tyus Street Skyline Drive
  Washington Street Spencer Hollow
  Watts Circle Spencer Street
  Wilson Street Stafford Avenue
    Summers Lane
    Summersfield Drive
    Swatts Street
    Thomaston Street
    Tyler Street
    Woodall Street