Building and Zoning Department


City of Barnesville Building and Zoning
Mike Aiken
770-358-6290 ext. 1
133 Forsyth Street, Suite 1
Barnesville, GA 30204

mailing address:
109 Forsyth Street
Barnesville, GA 30204


The City of Barnesville Building and Zoning Department is responsible for reviewing, permitting, licensing and inspecting all construction projects within the City of Barnesville. In doing so, the Building and Zoning Department enforces all relevant Federal, State and Local codes and ordinances.


The following services are offered by the Building and Zoning Department:

            Review plans and issue permits - Building, Signs, Electrical, Plumbing, HVAC, Demolition, Water, Sewer, etc.
            Local Issuing Authority for E&S
            Code Enforcement
            Land Use and Zoning
            Business Licenses
            Plan Review
            Historic Preservation
            Customer complaints concerning blighter properties/structures
            Risk Manager/Safety Officer

Ordinances and Regulations 

Zoning Ordinance
     Ordinance #445
     Table of Contents
     Article I - Introduction
     Article II - Definitions
     Article III - Establishment of Districts
     Article IV - Application of Regulations
     Article V - General Standards for all Districts
     Article VI - Use Provisions by Districts
     Article VII - Dimensional Requirements and Exceptions
     Article VIII - Supplementary Standards for Specific Uses
     Article IX - Standards for Telecommunications Towers and Antennas
     Article X - Signs
     Article XI - Administration and Enforcement
     Article XII - Legal Status Provisions

Subdivision Regulations
    Subdivision Regulations Cover
    Table of Contents
    Article I - General Provisions
    Article II - Definitions of Terms Used
    Article III - Procedures for Subdivision Plat Approval
    Article IV - General Principals of Subdivision Design
    Article V - Subdivision Design and Improvement Standards

Landscape Regulations

Development Standards for Design and Installation of Water and Sewerage Systems
    Guideline for Approval and Acceptance
    Project Checklist
    Review Fee Schedule
    Table of Contents
    Water System Requirements
    Procedures for Approval and Acceptance    

The City of Barnesville has reviewed the
2016 State of Georgia Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing Choice