Advertisement For Bids - 2021 CDBG Sewer Improvements

News Bid Date: July 21, 2022 Project No CATL190048 Project Name: 2021 CDBG Sewer Improvements Technical Contact: Richard Johnson Date of Issue: June 14, 2022 Estimated Project Cost: $750,000.00 
The City of Barnesville, Georgia will be receiving separate sealed Bids for all material, labor and equipment for the “2021 CDBG Sewer Improvements”.  This includes approximately 3,335+/- L.F. of 8” and 12” Sewer Cleaning, CCTV, CIPP, New Gravity Sewer, Point Repairs, 12+/- Manhole Inspections/Rehabilitations with all related accessories as shown on the plans and called for in the Contract Documents and Technical Specifications.  Bids shall be based on Unit Price Items.

Advertisement for Bid CATL190048 - FY 2021 CDBG Sewer Improvements