Best Tasting Tap Water

Tapwater City of Barnesville recognized for "Best Tasting Tap Water"

The City of Barnesville is proud to announce that the Water Treatment Plant has received state wide recognition for producing the “Best Tasting Tap Water” in Georgia. The award was presented by the Georgia Association of Water Professionals in conjunction with National Drinking Water Week at the GAWP Spring Conference in Macon, Ga. The City of Barnesville’s water directly from the tap was competing against tap water from systems throughout Georgia. A panel of expert judges selected the City of Barnesville water was the best tasting tap water in the state.

 “This award is an illustration of the city staff’s dedication to providing safe and great tasting drinking water” said Jason Shirey, Utilities Director. ESG Operations, Inc. project manager, Brandon Lewis, credits the team of operators for their hard work and dedication to producing drinking water of exceptional quality. “Our operators give Barnesville their best day in and day out to insure the water they produce exceeds the minimum water quality standards set forth by state and federal governments.”

 The City of Barnesville’s Water Treatment Plant has a long history of providing great tasting and safe drinking water.  It has won taste test competitions dating back to 2000.

2000 – “Best Tasting Tap Water in District 4”
2002 – “Best Tasting Tap Water in District 4”
2008 – “Best Tasting Tap Water in District 4”
2010 – “Best Tasting Tap Water in Georgia”
2011 – “Best Tasting Tap Water in Georgia”
2013 – “Best Tasting Tap Water in Georgia”